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iLEAD courses prepare students for the region's highest-demand, highest-wage careers. Their academic preparation, work experience and college degree attainment contributes to a highly-skilled workforce pipeline that can drive regional job growth and retention. 

iLEAD students participate in four years of progressive work-based learning experiences and develop the skills to succeed in every workplace.

work-based learning

KENTUCKY'S FIRST REGIONAL CAREER ACADEMY - where every student, every minute counts

in a global economy, ilead academy students know what it takes to succeed.  come to ilead and develop that competitive advantage.  

When iLEAD students meet Kentucky's College-Ready benchmarks they enroll in community college full-time and can graduate with an Associate's Degree or Dual Credits aligned to degree completion for their career.

From day-one, iLEAD students design their schedule and choose how, what, when, and where they will learn.