Also in the works is a new career pathway for students interested in Nursing and this should be offered to students beginning next year. 

PLTW Engineering

  • 4 year curriculum dual credit courses
    • Intro to Engineering- Freshman Year
    • Principles of Engineering -Sophomore Year
    • Chose your Junior/Senior Specialized Engineering Courses
      • Aerospace
      • Computer Integrated Manufacturing
      • Digital Electronics
      • Civil Engineering & Architecture
      • Computer Science & Software Engineering
  • ​Recruitment for the next school year begins in January with a visit and presentation to all 8th graders. 
  • As a follow up, students that are interested can sign up for an all day shadowing opportunity in February. 
  • Applications will be due March 15th. 
  • Student applicants will be reviewed and called back for an interview. 
  • Interviews will take place in April with final admission notifications in May. 

Career Pathways offered at iLEAD

Each of these pathways are offered in tandem with students attaining an Associate of Science or an Associate of Applied Science with JCTC.  iLEAD students can receive their Associate's Degree at a third of the cost it would normally take to attain an Associate's Degree after high school. 

is ilead right for me?

Do you find yourself bored in a traditional classroom?

Are you serious about your education and self-motivated?

Are you curious?

Do you have a passion for math and science? 
Do you frequently ask "why" and "what if" and are persistent as you pursue answers and solutions?
Do you want to learn in a flexible, non-traditional environment?
Do you have passion about what you want to achieve in life?
Are you interested in working in groups to meet challenges and solve problems?
Do you want to make a difference?
Are you ambitious about developing skills for a future career?
Do you enjoy seeing how what you learn connects to the real world?
Are you an independent thinker?
Do you set goals and priorities and follow through on what you say you will do?
Are you organized, on-time, ready for class, and on-top of completing your assignments?
Do you seek feedback and use that to improve?
Do you communicate well?
Do you have respect for others?
Do you take initiative?
Do you like to learn in a variety of ways?
Are you responsible?
Do you work well with others to accomplish goals?
Are you ready to get a jump start on your college studies?

These are characteristics of iLEAD students.  Want to join us?  

iLEAD Academy serves students from the Carroll, Gallatin, Henry, Owen, and Trimble County Schools. Contact iLEAD Director Larisa McKinney or your district superintendent for admissions information.  iLEAD accepts a new class of freshmen each year.

Larisa McKinney

iLEAD Academy Director


  • You can download and print the application here or retrieve one from your Guidance Counselor. 
  • Completed applications can be turned into your Guidance Counselor or emailed to Larisa McKinney at


  • 4 year curriculum
  • Medical Terminology & Healthcare Delivery Management
  • Healthcare Communications & Clinicals
  • Receive your SRNA & CPR by sophomore year
  • Receive your LPN towards your Associates of Science in Nursing by graduation

PLTW-Area Technical Center (ATC) Hybrids

  • 4 year curriculum dual credit courses
    • 2 year long courses of PLTW plus
    • 4 semester long courses at ATC
  • Chose from:
    • Automotive Engineering
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Construction & Carpentry Engineering
    • Industrial Maintenance

PLTW Biomedical

  • 4 year curriculum
    • Principles of Biomedical Science
    • Human Body Systems
    • Medical Interventions
    • Biomedical Innovation

ATC Career Pathways

  • 2 year curriculum
    • Energy & Power
    • Automotive
    • Construction & Carpentry
    • Informatics
    • Allied Health/Nursing

Recruitment & Application Process: